This is the perfect opportunity to get your game in shape for the season. The courses will be opening soon and we want you to be ready. Sign up today as a limited number of spots are available. Individual or in a group. All participants will receive a season kick off gift pack. 

$275.00 per golfer. Program includes: 

(5) 30 minute Lessons 


Lesson 1 Golf Fitness and why it’s a critical part of your golf journey.  

  • Strength exercises to hit the ball more solid 
  • Mental exercises to help you relax and swing freely 
  • Stretching exercises to help stay you loose and prevent injury 
  • In this lesson we will also have a class on basic rules, course management and how to make you golf experience more enjoyable. 

Lesson  2 Putting  

  • Different grips and what one is right for you 
  • Set up and why its so important 
  • Importance of distance control and how to practice 
  • The stroke 
  • Reading greens  
  • Making the short ones 

Lesson 3 Chipping, Pitching and bunker play 

  • The difference between chipping and pitching 
  • Simplifying the process 
  • How to choose the proper shot 
  • Fundamentals of all short game shots 

Lesson 4 Iron Play 

  • Getting the most out of you approach shots 
  • Scoring clubs and taking dead aim 
  • Mid irons 
  • Long irons
  • Picking the right target 
  • WITB 

Lesson 5 The Driver and other tee shots (Fairway woods) 

  • How to hit the driver 
  • When to hit the driver 
  • How to widen the fairway 
  • Other options off the tee 
  • Hitting it off the turf 

The program also includes (5) 30 minute practice sessions. Supervised by STU. This gives the student a chance to learn how to get the most out of their practice time. Also we will develop a pre-shot routine and explain why its so important. 

Spring Tune Up session is only in March and April

Spring Tune Up 2022