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Pro Shop Services

Many golf courses and box stores offer club repairs and grips and shafts. Make sure your clubs are repaired and gripped by a Master clubmaking professional. Only a clubmaking professional can change your grips which will fit your hand size, change a shaft which fits your swing and change them so that they are aligned perfectly.


$8/Club w/grip purchase - - 24hrs
$7/Club w/grip purchase - - 48hrs
$5/Club w/grip purchase - -7 Day Plus
*Add* $2/Club Customer Supplies Grip


$15 w/shaft purchase
$25 Customer Supplied Shaft

Club Extension - Shortening

$15 plus grip
$30 save grip if possible

Club Spec Check

Includes - Lie, Loft, Swing Weight, Grip Inspection and Cleaning
$40/Set of 13 Clubs

Club Lie/Loft Adjustments

$60/Set of 7 Clubs
$10/Single Club
$25 Putter Bnding

Club Fitting

$300 Full Bag
$100 Driver
$150 Woods/Hybrids
$200 Irons
$100 Wedges (3)

Bag Gapping Service

$150 Check Yardages of every club
Emailed copy of data
*$5 per club adjustment*


All Vector Golf repairs and customer clubs are covered by a 45 days warranty against breakage under normal playing conditions. Any driver that dents due to a ball being struck outside the face will not be covered by warranty. Dents on the sole or on top of the club are not covered. Normal wear from play is not covered.

  • If possible avoid hitting graphite shafted clubs off of driving range mats.
  • Used clubs are not covered by this warranty.