Golf Club

Pro Shop Services

Many golf courses and box stores offer club repairs and grips and shafts. Make sure your clubs are repaired and gripped by a Master clubmaking professional. Only a clubmaking professional can change your grips which will fit your hand size, change a shaft which fits your swing and change them so that they are aligned perfectly.


$8/Club w/grip purchase - - 24hrs
$7/Club w/grip purchase - - 48hrs
$5/Club w/grip purchase - -7 Day Plus
*Add* $2/Club Customer Supplies Grip


$15 w/shaft purchase
$25 Customer Supplied Shaft

Club Extension - Shortening

$15 plus grip
$30 save grip if possible

Club Spec Check

Includes - Lie, Loft, Swing Weight, Grip Inspection and Cleaning
$40/Set of 13 Clubs

Club Lie/Loft Adjustments

$60/Set of 7 Clubs
$10/Single Club
$25 Putter Bnding

Club Fitting

$300 Full Bag
$100 Driver
$150 Woods/Hybrids
$200 Irons
$100 Wedges (3)

Bag Gapping Service

$150 Check Yardages of every club
Emailed copy of data
*$5 per club adjustment*