The Next Generation of Speed

Unlocking more speed and distance through engineering innovations like Carbonfly Wrap without sacrificing its industry-leading forgiveness, PING has introduced the G430 family for golfers of all skill levels.

The new custom-fit, custom-built G430 family consists of three driver models (MAX, LST, SFT), three fairway wood designs (MAX, LST, SFT) in multiple lofts, six hybrid choices and an iron set (4-9, PW, 45.5°, 50°, 54°, 58°).

G430 Drivers

In the new G430 drivers, PING’s engineering team developed several new technologies common to all three models while applying specific advancements to each individual head, producing measurable ball-speed gains while improving sound throughout the series. The added ball speed is attributed to a shallower and thinner VFT forged face design engineered with Spinsistency, a variable roll radius technology proven on the G425 fairway woods and hybrids.

MAX LOFTS: 9º, 10.5º, 12º
SFT LOFT: 10.5º
LST LOFTS: 9º, 10.5º

SHAFTS: ALTA CB Black 55 (SR,R,S) PING TOUR 2.0 Chrome 65 (R,S,X) PING Tour 2.0 Black 65 (S,X) ALTA Quick 35/45, Project X HZRDUS Smoke Red RDX 50/60, Mitsubishi Kai’li White 60 (S,X)

MAX & SFT $809.00 Each
LST $849 Each

G430 Fairways

In all the G430 fairways, we’ve developed Carbonfly Wrap to deliver more distance by positioning the CG closer to the force line to maximize ball speed, resulting in higher, longer carries, whether fit for the MAX or SFT model. The lightweight composite crown wraps into the heel and toe sections of the skirt, creating weight savings of 10 grams which are reallocated to achieve the lower the CG and increase ball speed. The composite also plays a role in the pleasing sound. A tungsten backweight extends the perimeter weighting to ensure forgiveness.

MAX LOFTS: 3W (15º), 5W (18º) 7W (21º), 9W (24º)
SFT LOFT: 3W (16º), 5W (19º), 7W (22º)

SHAFTS: ALTA CB Black 65 (SR,R,S), PING Tour 2.0 Chrome 65/75 (R,S,X), PING Tour 2.0 Black 65/75 (S,X), Project X HZRDUS Smoke Red RDX 60/70, Mitsubishi Kai/Li White 70 (S,X)

MAX & SFT $519.00 Each
LST $559 Each

G430 Hybrids

The new G430 hybrids are loaded with innovations like Carbonfly Wrap, our newest technology and the key to more distance and green-holding stopping power. Alongside proven technologies Facewrap Technology and Spinsistency, they deliver the speed and performance golfers need to take on any approach shot.

LOFTS: 2 (17º), 3 (19º), 4 (22º), 5 (26º), 6 (30º) and 7 (34º)

SHAFTS: ALTA CB Black 70 (SR,R,S), PING Tour 2.0 Chrome 85 (R,S,X), ALTA Quick 35/45, Project X HZRDUS Smoke Red RDX 70/80, Mitsubishi Kai/Li White 80 (S,X)

$439.00 Each


Newly designed with proven Trajectory Tuning 2.0 adjustability, this compact design for better players elevates long-iron performance from a lower CG and maraging steel face that generate faster speed and higher launch to carry shots farther with stopping power. An EVA polymer enhances feel and sound. The rounded lead edge optimizes turf interaction, a toe screw and tip weight increase MOI, and shorter club lengths ensure better control.

LOFTS: 2 (18º), 3 (20º), 4 (22.5º)

SHAFTS: PING Tour 2.0 Chrome 85 (R, S, XS), PING ALTA CB Black 70 (SR, R, S), HZRDUS Smoke Red RDX (70, 80), Mitsubishi Kai’Li White 80 (S, XS)

$379.00 Each

G430 Irons

Your shot making and your confidence will be sky high with the G430, which combines a lower CG with stronger lofts and a thinner face that deliver faster ball speed and significant distance gains without compromising PING’s famous forgiveness. The PurFlex cavity badge contributes to our longest iron ever.

LOFTS: (4) 19º (5) 22º (6) 25.5º (7) 29º (8) 33º (9) 37º (PW) 41º (UW) 45.5º (SW) 50º (LW) 54º

SHAFTS: PING ALTA CB Black (SR,R,S), PING AWT 2.0 (R,S,X), True Temper Dynamic Gold 105/120, KBS Tour (R,S,X), Nippon N.S. Pro Modus 3 105 (R,S,X), True Temper Elevate MPH 95 (R,S)

$235.00 Each Steel

$257.00 Each Graphite


i230 Irons

The new PING i230 is a Tour-proven, players-style iron that delivers consistent, predictable distance control and tight dispersion. An activated elastomer insert creates discretionary weight to lower the CG for more distance while enhancing feel and sound in conjunction with a multi-material badge. A more rounded lead edge ensures smooth turf interaction for clean strikes.

LOFTS: (3) 19º (4) 22.5º (5) 26º (6) 29.5º (7) 33º (8) 37º (9) 41º (PW) 45º (UW) 50º

SHAFTS: True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 (R, S), PING ALTA CB Black (S-R, R, S), PING AWT 2.0 (R, S, XS), True Temper Dynamic Gold (S, XS), True Temper Dynamic Gold 120 (S, XS), KBS Tour (R, S, XS), Nippon N.S. Pro Modus 3 105 (R, S, XS), UST Recoil ES SmacWrap (A, R, S), True Temper Elevate MPH 95 (R, S)

$278.00 Each Steel

$300.00 Each Graphite


G710 Irons

Ping’s longest, most forgiving iron is the product of a maraging steel face that combines with a stainless steel body to create metal-wood like flexing, faster ball speeds, added distance and higher shots with stopping power. Feel and sound are greatly enhanced, as well. G710 irons come standard with Arccos Caddie Smart Grips and a 90-day free trial of the Arccos Caddie app (then $99.99 annual subscription).

LOFTS: (4) 20º (5) 23º (6) 26º (7) 29.5º (8) 34º (9) 39º (PW) 44º (UW) 49º (SW) 54º

SHAFTS: PING AWT 2.0 (98, 104, 119g), PING Alta Distanza Black 40 (42g), PING Alta CB Red (65, 72, 82g), True Temper Dynamic Gold (121, 124g), True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 (95, 97g), Dynamic Gold 120 (112, 114g), FST KBS Tour (104, 114, 124g), Nippon NS Pro Modus 3 105 (103, 106, 112g), Project X LZ (104, 109, 114, 119g), True Temper XP 95 (93, 95g), UST Recoil ES SmacWrap (59, 73, 78g)

$270.00 Each Steel


Glide 4.0

A precision-machined face and grooves and new textured face blast increase spin and control, a larger CTP and softer steel improve the feel, and four distinct grind options maximize versatility on full and finesse shots around the greens and from the bunker. The compact, refined profile provides a confident and captured look at address. Four differentiated sole grinds (S, W, T, E) are designed to match your angle of attack and typical turf conditions for improving your performance and versatility on full and partial shots.

LOFTS: 46º 50º 52º 54º 56º 58º 60º

SHAFTS: PING Z-Z115 Wedge (111g), PING AWT 2.0 Wedge (118g), PING Alta CB Red (65, 72, 82g), True Temper Dynamic Gold (121, 124g), True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 (95, 97g), Dynamic Gold 120 (112, 114g), FST KBS Tour (104, 114, 124g), Nippon NS Pro Modus 3 105 (103, 106, 112g), Project X LZ (104, 109, 114, 119g), True Temper XP 95 (93, 95g)

$279.00 Each Steel


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