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With a Swing Evaluation or Club Fitting

The Swing Evaluation offered is a one-hour initial lesson that involves a thorough assessment of your swing by a Coach. The Coach will capture your swing on video and provide a comprehensive analysis of areas that require improvement, along with a personalized lesson plan to help you achieve your objectives.

Similarly, our Club Fitting service, led by a PGA or CGTF Certificate Coach, is a 60-minute session where we evaluate your current equipment and compare it against the performance of new golf clubs. Based on the results, we provide tailored recommendations to help you select the best equipment for your game.

Swing Evaluation $125 $95 on Sale!

60 Minute Fact-Based Swing Evaluation with a Certified Coach 

Club Fitting $150 $95 on Sale!

60-90 Minute Custom Club Fitting with a Certified Fitter 


Plans for Every Golfer

Vector Combo Plans and Lesson Packs

Each personalized Combo Plan comprises a Swing Evaluation, a series of sequential lessons, video-oriented practice, and Club Fitting conducted by a certified coach, based solely on facts and not opinions. By collaborating with your coach, you can elevate your game to new heights. There is no better time than now to initiate your coaching lessons.

Combo Plan


Improving your golf game doesn’t come from random lessons. It requires consistent practice and effort, which is precisely what our comprehensive Combo Plans offer. Each Combo Plan comes with a Swing Evaluation, a series of sequential lessons, video-oriented practice, and Club Fitting, all of which are conducted by certified coaches.

6 Months Adult Private Combo

10 x 45 min Lessons + 10 hrs Practice time

$1,300 – Save $150

6 Months Junior Private Combo

10 x 30 min Lessons + 15 hrs Practice time

$950 – Save $150

Lessons Pack


Vector Golf’s Lesson Packs offer excellent value and flexibility, with one-on-one lessons taught by a Certified Personal Coach. While video practice and club fitting are not included, each pack comprises a series of lessons.

6 Months Adult Private Class

5 x 45 min Lessons – $500

10 x 45 min Lessons – $950


6 Months Junior Private Class

10 x 30 min Lessons + 5 hrs Practice time – $600


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